Hello! I have been following your photography …

Hello! I have been following your photography for a while and I absolutely love your photos. I shoot as well and I'm looking for a new camera. I was wondering, what do you use? I couldn't find any information in the previously asked questions. Keep up the good work!

Hey! Thank you very much for your lovely words to my work! I really appreciate it. <3 To your ask, I got in the past a couple times such questions. My photography equipment is from Canon. I still photograph with a DSLR. 🙂 Canon 5D Mark 4 is currently the camera that I mainly use. But if you are interested what some photographers use for cameras here on tumblr, so there is in the photos in the lower left corner an info “i” ,when you look into your dashboard via the computer. On picture sets is it not possible, but for single pictures. Some remove it but I leave the settings if someone wants to see it. So I say thank you again for your question and yes, I will keep up what I love. Cheers!

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